Triple B Cleaning Inc.

Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

These are the basic procedures we follow when cleaning any kitchen exhaust system:

Fire Prevention

Exhaust System Inspections

Engineered water-wash hood services

Our relationships with all major chemical manufactures allow us to offer a comprehensive water-wash chemical solutions that meet or exceed all manufacture and warranty specifications. We also provide inspection and certification services to all major manufactures of hood systems and configurations. Our SC-5 detergent program includes replenishment of cleaning detergents used by these systems and bi-annual inspections of water-wash systems as required by NFPA® 96 codes. We are your one stop water-wash solution!

Filter Exchange Program

Triple B Cleaning, Inc. filter exchange program takes the inconvenience out of filter cleaning. Using UL listed, 2” (steel and stainless steel) baffle style grease filters assures a high level of fire safety within your hood system. With our scheduled filter serves our technicians exchange your grease laden filters with your backup set conveniently cleaned and stocked at our warehouse on a frequency based on your needs.

Roof Protection Kits

Triple B Cleaning, Inc. is an authorized distributor of several brands of roof protection kits. Our trained technicians can install roof protection kits around rooftop fans to prevent the spread of excess grease onto your roof surface. Standing grease, over time, will eat away at your rooftop surface, causing leaks and expensive repairs.

Hinge Kits And Access Panels

If needed Triple B Cleaning, Inc. can provide and install kits that attach to exhaust fans on the roof. This allows sufficient access for proper cleaning of the fan blades and duct work. Hinge kits are required by NFPA® 96 for all up blast fans and greatly reduces the wear on fan motors, housing, and electrical wiring the can occur during the cleaning process.

We also install access panel in your system to gain access and inspect those areas that other providers don’t, access door are required according to NFPA® 96.

Parts, Chemicals, and Accessories